ubud restaurant

Ubud has a lot of delicious food as well as great views. But many do rate the restaurant with expensive food prices, not wrong but for tourists with not too much cost may be difficult to choose.We will provide one of the best restaurant for Min IDR 50.000/Day and Max IDR 150,000. This is our survey of travelers that we have brought there to eat and try it, during holiday in bali. gave a great rate to this restaurant.Dewa malen Restaurant is .

Dewa Malen Restaurant Why ?

  • The price of food breakfast lunch and dinner is not expensive.
  • Crispy Duck has a delicious taste, same with the restaurant that offers the same menu but the price is different.
  • Indonesian menu tasted delicious for everyone, already proven tourists from the Middle East could say this is delicious.
  • The atmosphere is comfortable when eating because it is clean and has a rice field view.
  • For your mid-budget traveller we highly recommended.
  • We do not intend to promote this restaurant, if you do not believe please come directly to prove the taste of food.
Address : Kemenuh, Sukawati, Phone : +62361 972730
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